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Terry Bathe

About Innov8 Sportz C.I.C

Innov8 Sportz C.I.C. is dedicated to delivering a high standard of sports coaching throughout Wiltshire & Berkshire and the surrounding areas. We hope to be instrumental in bringing people in our local communities together through sport. We offer inclus

Innov8 Sportz C.I.C is a registered community interest company. The company began trading in September 2012 with the intention of getting more people participating in organized physical activity. Innov8 Sportz C.I.C is a "non-profit" organization and was started to benefit our local community.

Innov8 Sportz C.I.C. believes sport is not just about exercise but all the life skills that flourish on a sports field. Sport is about bringing people from all walks of life together to work towards a common goal whilst knocking down social, religious and economic barriers that exist in everyday life. We feel our job is to provide an environment where this can take place.

We coach a variety of sports from those more mainstream sports, such as Football, Cricket and Hockey, to alternative and emerging sports, for example, Handball, Tchoukball and Dodgeball. We ensure we are at the leading edge of any new sports coaching developments.

Innov8 Sportz C.I.C has four main aims:

• Promote, plan, organize and deliver sport activities to increase participation and enjoyment in sport within the community.

• Create links between Communities, Local Schools, Sports Clubs, Councils, Sports Partnerships, Charities and Companies to make sports more accessible to the community and increase satisfaction and accessibility to the participants.

• Develop and improve coaching standards through mentoring programmes and access to coaching development and qualifications.

• Inspire inclusion in communities through innovative outreach projects and the establishment of community sport groups.

Innov8 Sportz C.I.C does this by creating full development plans for all projects to make them sustainable and easier to replicate in other communities. We are currently raising the awareness of the company and creating links with many local organisations.

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