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The North Wiltshire Badminton Project

Sheldon School, Hardenhuish Lane
SN14 6HJ

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Melanie Vickery
07973 861350

About The North Wiltshire Badminton Project

NWBP is dedicated to the delivery of inclusive, engaging and progressive badminton sessions to local primary-aged children to give them a quality platform for lifelong participation. Coached junior sessions are also available for all levels of ambition.

We are a group of local Badminton England Registered Coaches whose vision is to work and contribute towards the establishment of a comprehensive locally-based badminton system in which every child is offered the opportunity to engage with badminton, either through one-off events, after-school clubs or junior club sessions and in which every child wishing to improve at badminton will be able to access coaching sessions that will meaningfully develop their competence to match their aspirations. Our objective is to establish and deliver quality foundation/grassroots badminton coaching sessions within the local community to children between the ages 6 and 11, not only to provide health and physical fitness opportunities for children from a young age, to offer them the opportunity of having experienced early fundamental movement skills and technique specific to badminton so as to stand them in good stead for electing earlier in life what sport will suit them most as they continue to grow and develop into sport but which will also serve to assist in raising the standard of badminton played in our County to a level commensurate with the rest of the Country.

Aspiring Coaches and Volunteer Assistants in Badminton

Aspiring Coaches and Volunteer Assistants in Badminton

The NWBP are constantly on the look-out for energetic, outgoing and aspirational BE UKCC Level 1 and 2 badminton coaches, assistants, volunteers and Young Officials/Leaders to become a part of their dedicated workforce to assist in and learn how to lead their Junior Foundation and Club sessions for children aged from 5-18 years.

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